Tremor Video 360 Video

Motivate viewers to watch, participate in, and share a richer brand experience with Tremor Video’s 360 Video. Positively impact brand recall, engagement, favorability, and identity by offering your audiences greater control over their ad experience.
Unrestricted video length
*Hosted in Tremor Video's All-Screen Super Ad Format
Short-form 360 Pre-roll
*Powered by OmniVirt
Premium in-stream video supply.
All-Screen scale, on mobile and desktop.
User can toggle between gyroscope and swipe modes on mobile.
Compatible with VR headsets and cardboard viewers.
Recommended specs for 360 videos we accept

360 Video file type:

  • Mp4

360 Video Resolution:

  • 2160 x 1080 resolution (Most Ideal. Looks the sharpest)
  • 1440 x 720 resolution (Second Most Ideal, Looks decent, but not as nice as the first)

360 Video Aspect Ratio:

  • 2:1 is the current standard for 360 video
  • Note: this means the width is 2x the height
  • Note: If a video is not 2:1, the 360 player will actually squash and/or stretch the video to meet the 2:1 aspect ratio. While this technically works, it can distort the video significantly.

360 Video Size:

  • 360 videos tend to be larger than normal 2D videos.  Do not be surprised if it’s significantly larger than the normal 5-20mb Prerolls you may normally see.
  • Size Limit: 500MB max for source file, preferably smaller